Nice “Surprise Corner” at Home Improvement Show, Columbus OH

Last weekend, I visited the Home Improvement Show in Columbus, Ohio.  While 85% of the Exhibit Floor seemed to include the typical “Home Improvement Exhibitors”…I stumbled upon a nice surprise in the back corner….an “Artists Showcase Corner” which included the types of Exhibitors that you would normally see at a Juried Arts Festival along with some other ‘Household Product Vendors.”  These Exhibitors were a good fit for the Expo, as ultimately, their products enhance and improve the look or functionally of the Interior or Exterior of Your Home.  But, the other notible attribute was that these booths engaged one or more senses…see, hear, taste, touch or smell.   Although the area only encompassed about 15% of the Exhibit Floor Space, it had closer to 25% of the Attendee Foot Traffic.  So, what does that say… is easier to capture attention when your booth is INTERESTING and ENGAGING and involves the senses.

This is something that ALL Exhibitors should keep in mind when determining ‘an activity’ to draw attendees into their booth.  An activity can be as simple as having the attendee SEE a demonstration,  HEAR how a product sounds, TASTE the product via a sampling, TOUCH the item to understand is texture, softness, strength, durability (whatever the selling point is that you want to get across) or SMELL the pleasant aroma.  The more opportunities in which you have to engage with an ATTENDEE in your  booth….besides just talking with them….the longer they will stay in your booth and enjoy the experience they had in your booth.  Both of these positive results will lead to the end-game of selling more on-site or selling to the Attendee in the near future as you made them feel good about visiting your booth.

Happy Exhibiting…until we chat again!  -Doctor Diane