Exhibitors… Be the best you can be!

Businessman Attaching Exhibitor Badge To Jacket

Once you have agreed to Lease Space at a Tradeshow, Conference, Expo, Show, Festival or Fair, some apprehension may set it. This is a typical reaction as the following concerns cross your mind….How Healthy Is YOUR Exhibit Booth???

Does your Exhibit Booth suffer from these common symptoms?????

  • Lack of attendee interest…..they just keep walking by!
  • There seems to be a ‘barrier’ between Exhibitor and Attendees!
  • Giveaway prize that nobody wants!
  • Lackluster promotional items that get tossed in the trash!
  • Marketing materials that are left un-taken!
  • Disappointing results….’Why am I here…..this is not my customer!”


The Tradeshow Doctor™ has the cure for any poor performing exhibit tables or exhibit booths. So, there is no need to worry or agonize. The book entitled, “Tradeshows, Expos & More” can be ordered now! The cost is only $35.00 plus shipping and it will be the absolute best investment you can make when it comes to receiving a return on your Exhibit Space investment. If you just paid $300 or $3,000 for a booth, then why wouldn’t you spend $35.00 to ensure the success???? Seems pretty reasonable to me!

The guide walks you through step-by-step details and provides checklists that you can utilize each and every time you begin to prepare. If you want a return on your Tradeshow, Conference, Expo, Show, Festival or Fair Investment, then you must purchase this guide!

I knew that I had to start participating in Tradeshows and Expos to further my business. So, I tried a couple of shows thinking it was easy enough until I flopped, wasted my time and money and walked away with nothing. Why weren’t they coming into my booth? Feeling like a failure, I went home vowing that Tradeshows don’t work. I am sure that I am not alone. Then, I met Diane at an event where she presented the How To’s of setting up and running a successful Tradeshow Booth. I was immediately interested and then attended one of her small group sessions. Her process is solid, clear, step-by-step, no fluff and all the time keeping your ROI in mind. She asked, “Why would you go through the expense, time and effort and not get a measurable return on your investment?” I followed her plan to the ‘T’ and I have numerous and ongoing successful events. I have real measurable results and prospects that I still follow-up with months later. I highly recommend you HIRE The Tradeshow Doctor. Let the expert cure what may be ailing your booth. Soon you will be running all over your competition!”

-Mary Ann Metcalf, Melaleuca—The Wellness Company