Show promoters and organizers… Be the hero!

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Show Promoters and Organizers can benefit from an alliance with The Tradeshow Doctor™. Hundreds of details need to be considered when organizing an event, so let The Tradeshow Doctor™ take care of training the Exhibitors, since YOU do not have time to do so!

Once the space has been leased to the Exhibitor, The Show Promoter should not assume that the Exhibitor is properly equipped to flawlessly execute their booth space. If the Exhibitor does an inadequate job facilitating their booth, then they will not see a return on their investment and they will not return the following year. Hence, you, The Show Promoter have to go back to the drawing board to engage new Exhibitors year after year. Wouldn’t it be wiser to ensure that the Exhibitors are well prepared and do experience a favorable return on their investment, so they DO come back year after year!

This is where The Tradeshow Doctor™ steps in. 30-45 Days PRIOR to the Show, The Tradeshow Doctor™ can present a 90-minute Seminar teaching the 6-Step Prescription for Success™ to the Exhibitors. This added value, makes YOU, The Show Promoter, look like the Hero!

There are two ways to structure an Agreement with The Tradeshow Doctor™ and that decision is completely up to you! Either way, the cost can be passed along to the Exhibitors, so YOU, The Show Promoter, will not incur an out-of-pocket expense to provide this tremendous value to your Exhibitors!