Food Does Not Always Have a Place At “The Table”

Yesterday, I attended the Small Business Expo produced by Business First and hosted by Hollywood Casino in Columbus, Ohio.  Granted the room was humming with conversation, but the bountiful buffet became the plate on the vast majority of the Exhibitor’s Tables.

Sitting and eating at your Exhibit Table/Exhibit Booth are two of the ‘9 Sins of Sabotage’ which defeat the professionalism and effectiveness of your Exhibit Presentation.  When is the last time you invited a potential client into your office and as you began your meeting you went and filled a plate with food and sat there and ate while trying to ‘sell’ your prospective client on your services?  Hopefully, your answer is NEVER!  So, why would you demonstrate such action in public?  The word to the wise Exhibitor is….avoid the buffet! You have been asked to represent and market your company via ‘working’ not ‘eating’.

Several Exhibitors were doing a great job as they created an engaging exhibit space along with smiling and friendly staff.  Hats off to Alexis Caldwell with Experience Columbus, Rocco Giovannucci & Kelly Ratcliff with Jet Container Company, Jess Biller & Nancy Roberts with Paramount Consulting Group and Steve Burkhart with Aurora Exhibit Solutions Inc.  I encourage you to continue to remain professional and friendly….as such manners win at the table…every time!

Happy Exhibiting…..until we  chat again!  -Doctor Diane