The Best Form of Flattery… To Be Copied!

Wanted to share a recent experience at The Mid-America Restaurant Expo last weekend.  I was AN EXHIBITOR alongside my client, working his booth.  It was a 2-Day Expo for those in the Restaurant Industry to Exhibit and the Attendees were typically ‘mom & pop’ restaurant owners with 1-6 locations.  With that said, it was a well-attended and well-promoted event!

The first day…our neighboring exhibitors did ‘their usual thing’ and watched how we engaged and pulled people into our booth via friendly engagement and a looping video of our amazing service in action.  This coupled with our cool promotional products (which everyone loved) created an enjoyable and memorable experience for the Attendees.  With that said, on Day 2 the Exhibitor Booth across the aisle from us….had been good students and learned from watching us throughout Day 1.

So, on Day 2…..they adjusted their booth layout and brought in a video (which they did NOT have the first day) in order to show the Attendees their flooring process and how they actually do it!  The 2nd Day….they were engaging and experiencing more interest and increased interaction, compared to Day 1.

The moral of the story…I am glad that they saw ‘The Doctor in Action” and remedied what was missing in their booth… in this case, the best form of medicine was to copy what the Doctor was doing!!!!

Until next time……’Doctor’ Diane